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Are a few trees growing too tall? Do you need to remove a dangerous tree to prevent damage to your property?

Weems Tree & Landscape Service can assist you with your tree care needs. We remove and trim trees in Tyler, Texas on residential and commercial properties. Our specialists have the tools and the trucking equipment to safely trim or remove trees. Don’t let a large and dangerous tree take over your property. Call Weems Tree & Landscape Service today for a free estimate.

Tree Care Trimming, Pruning and Removal in Tyler, TX

5 signs you should remove a tree from your property

You don’t want to get rid of your tree, but sometimes it’s a necessity. If you’re dealing with a big problem, we can help you remove the tree. Here are a few tell-tale signs you need to hire a tree removal company in Tyler, TX. Call if your tree is:

  1. Diseased or dying.
  2. Leaning over important property.
  3. Damaged from a recent storm or accident.
  4. Growing through or over power lines.
  5. Taking up too much space.

Tree trimming and removal are not DIY projects. Call Weems Tree & Landscape Service of Tyler, Texas right now to schedule a professional for your service. We offer affordable rates and free estimates.